Where once sat a beautiful but decaying turn-of-the-century haunted house now sits an empty overgrown lot. 


Overnight, a dusty little carnival full of vagabonds and loners set up their road worn tarps and signs. Looks like they will be here for a while... or at least until they make enough to tear down and move along to the next sleepy town. ​

Find your way through over a dozen different movie quality sets as you bob and weave through this 100 year old carnival funhouse complete with humans that are, well... a bit different than you and I. If you get lost, our helpful clowns will assist you.

Our streamlined process of timed tickets allows you to skip the line and reserve your time for those people only in your party. So no long waiting in line, no crowds and no touchy conga lines through the haunt. Indoor- rain or shine.

Don't forget to visit our vortex, new gift shop, Art-O-Mat and refreshment bar!